"You can treat yourself to a healthier-but still just as delicious delicacy"  PARTIAL REVIEW PALEO MAGAZINE SUMMER 2019

"I wanted to stop by and tell you your cupcakes were my favorite dessert of the event"  BITE NIGHT ORLANDO ATTENDEE

"The best dessert of the night"  BITE NIGHT ORLANDO ATTENDEE

"I don't know how you do this magic you do, but keep doing it"  ANONYMOUS

"Thank you The Paleo Bakery for the gluten free goodness you bestow!"  NATALIE R.

"The best cookies and dounuts with the best ingredients!!!!" Joey C.

"I have been trying to low carb bake for a year and obviously failing because my baking doesn't even come CLOSE to what these baked goods taste like. These are AMAZING. They could easily stand toe to toe with with any baked goods. AWESOME."  MAGGIE L.

"Paleo bakery is the best!!!! Looove the chocolate chip cookies!! Yum! Owner is amazing as well!!! A must try!"  JAYNI O.

"Wow, I'm really surprised how good these are!"  KATE S.

"The donuts have the perfect amount of sweetness— and alongside coffee or tea, my heaven!  I only wish I had ordered a dozen instead of six! I can’t wait to order more!"  KAREN G.

"They are amazing!  Wow your flavors really are fabulous!  MIKE L.

"Everything you bake is amazing!"  CLAUDIA D.

"Delicious!"  JOHN A.

"Amazing!"  DEVON S.

"Donuts are amazing!"  MARIA K.



"Amazing!"  DEVON S.

"Your treats make me so happy!"  KARI M.

"I love the cookie.  Perfect balance of yummy"  LORA R.

"LOVE them!"  TIFFANI M.

"Yum!!"  CARRIE P.

"Peanut butter pecan was my favorite"  NIKOLE W.

"Awesomeness!"  JAMES A.

"Delicious chocolate chip gluten free cookies!! Very tasty treat!!!"  BRIAN D.

"The cookies were amazing!"  SYDNEY M.

"I almost didn't try the date balls because I don't like dates, but I'm so glad I did-they're amazing!"  NICOLE C. 

"Heavenly"  WILLIAM T.